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Cerveza, vino, licor y tabaco entregados en su puerta en menos de 2 horas.
Cerveza, vino y licor entregados a su puerta en menos de 2 horas.

Política de reembolso

  • There are no REFUNDS, but only exchanges if the product is unopened.

  • If the order is not out for delivery, and you would like to cancel the order call (443) 676-9197 immediately. 
  • If the store messes up the order, then the order will be exchanged to the original order at no cost.

  • However if the store does not mess up the order and the costumer would like to change/ exchange product, then there will we an additional $20 charge for the driver to come to your house to exchange the order

  • Or the costumer can come to the store to exchange the product, without the additional $20.​